KKOA Hangin' Dice Nationals

These are just a few photos of some really Kool Kustoms found at the Hangin' Dice Nats in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I made the trip in '96 and again in '98 and all I can say is "WOW"! If you ever get the chance to make this run, do it!! You won't be disappointed.

Dennis McPhail's awesome '63 Maraurder chopped by none other then Elden Titus himself. One crazy cat with a torch! This 60's style ride has just the right stance...IN THE WEEDS!!! Purple primer topped with 60's style scallops and flames just scream out 1963. Larry Watson would be proud!!

Dennis is one of the "Artist At Large" gang and turns out some of the finest Kustom Kulture artwork you'll ever find. Be sure to click on the "Artist at Large" site while you're here for some great cruizin' artwork by some ultra cool cats!

Take a look at this wild, wild, Studebaker! This thing is sliced and diced to where it only stands about 46 inches high now. Kriss Harness is the owner and another one of the "Artist At Large" gang. Crazy orange and white primer scallop job makes this puppy look like it's going a hundred miles an hour sittin' still. What a ride!

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